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Power Electronic Based Distribution Transformer - IEEE based Seminar

The distribution transformer has been in use by utilities throughout the twentieth century. Until now, it has consisted of a configuration of iron or steel cores and copper/aluminum coils, with mineral oil serving as both coolant and dielectric medium. Inherent in this type of construction are regulation, significant weight, losses, environmental concerns, and power quality issues. For the 21st century, a new kind of distribution
transformer is proposed; one that can be made self-regulating, oil-free, and able to correct power quality problems. A power electronic transformer has been analyzed, simulated, prototyped, and tested. Results of this effort as well as the novel features of this new type of transformer are discussed herein.

Slides :
  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Proposed topology
  • Input Stage Design
  • Isolation Stage Design
  • Output Stage Design
  • Simulated Performance
  • Advantages
  • Conclusions and future work
  • References
Base IEEE paper  is also present in the downloadable zip file

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