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L & T Interview Questions- General Outline of Interview Pattern

From the few mails this author gor from the people workin in L & T the quetion pattern over the years has been as follows. Though the questions may vary slightly, the structure had been same

According to Syam, a passout from NIT currently working in L&T , I quote

" The interview of l&t comprises of two sections



Technical question  comprises of questions from your branch.
genearally they ask you to tell your favourite subject ,and then they ask questions from you.
For me (civil engineering ), the questions were

1.what is super elevation?
2.cross section of an pavement?
3.draw stress -strain block?
4.what is lap length?
5.why is hysd bars preffered over mild steel?
6.methods of stabilization of soil?

The HR section comprises of general questions like:

1)Tell me about yourself
2)They 'll ask u abouy ur family background
3)Your reason for joining L&T
4)Your own persona positives and negatives. "

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