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Nokia-siemens Campus Placement Paper

Company : Nokia Siemens ( Networks )
Place: North India (Jammu)
DAte : 01/04/2010
Post :Graduate Engineering Trainee(GET).
Selection : 8/136
Salary : 3.25 pa lacs during training period and bond for 3 years.

As usual entire process had two phases

1) Written test (Technical & Aptitude)
2) Interview (Technical and HR)

a) Technical (Objective 25 Qs in 30 min. NO negative marking.)
    Some questons i recollect from the tech round are
  1.  Full form of ETP, SMTP.
  2.  Acronym for VIRUS.
  3.  One question on VSWR.
  4.  How many directors and reflectors in Yagi Uda antenna?
  5.  What material is used for the manufacturing of GATE in MOSFETS.
  6.  One question on boolean algebra.
  7.  In which demodulators PLL is used?
  8.  Whais is the chane in SNR with negative feed back?
  9.  What is the effectof bandwidth of an amplifier with negative feed back?
  10.  Why is Maxwell's loop law is used in networks?
  11.  Whay WAIT states are used in Microcontrollers?
  12.  What is the follwoing step after an interrupt comes to a microprocessor?
and so on.To answer these questions on should have basic and clear understanding of concepts of ECE and overview of Computer Networks.

b) Aptitude (Objective 20 Qs in 30 min. very easy ones.)

courtesy : Ankit Jain, Jammu

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