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Handbook of Hydrology

Handbook of Hydrology
David Maidment
McGraw-Hill Professional; 1 edition

1424 pages
This Handbook of Hydrology includes practical guides and methods that can be effective and reliable methods to solve problems in every aspect in hydrology. Yes, the author explains how to analyze geo-statistics and design model by using engineering software applications, particularly when it comes to mitigate impact floods and their effects through better urban drainage, how to design and assess water supplies of cities by doing water usage or irrigation projects and how to manage pollution in water as well.

To analyze data in hydrology particularly when it comes to calculate rainfall rate and evaporation particularly in extreme conditions, Handbook of Hydrology also provides tips and guides on how to make hydrologic simulation, select computer package and using remote sensing to collect data and for forecasting.
The Handbook of Hydrology also includes step by step guides so you will discover effective solutions to halt damaging effects of erosion in order to protect and prevent pollution of water and groundwater and how to remove contaminants in water as well.

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