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Modern Diesel Technology: Diesel Engines e-book

Modern Diesel Technology: Diesel Engines
Sean Bennett
Delmar Cengage Learning; 1 edition
360 pages

 Diesel Engines book, written by Sean Bennett is addressed for technicians and engineering students who are interesting to build their knowledge of vehicle diagnosis about modern diesel engine controlled by computer including its sub systems. This book focuses on topics of typical engine systems and vehicle computer control systems.
In fact, this Modern Diesel Technology: Diesel Engines book provides all details about modern diesel including about fuel and engine management system for post 2007 diesel engines. On early chapters, this book provides introduction of modern diesel from perspective of personal safety rules and all tools that will be used to measure and indicate all properties in diesel engines including determining mean effective pressure and throw leverage.

Introduction of engine basic and other key engine terms are discussed so the readers know about right concept and principles of diesel cycle, circuit and sub systems for direct injection and compression ignition engine such as crankshafts, flywheels, connecting rods, rockets, cylinder valves, piston assemblies and rings.
This Modern Diesel Technology also discussed on guides and tips of diesel control and emissions. Therefore, all principles and types of lubrication and cooling system are presented so you how to interpret oil analysis, functions of cooling system and analyze smoke density as well.

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