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Mindtree : Placement Pattern 2010

Mindtree : Placement Pattern

Date :             10/06/2010
Place   :  Madhya Pradesh
Type  :            Off campus
Selected :                          34


1. Written test
2. GD
3. Technical Interview
4. HR Interview

1. Written Test:

  •  Had an essay -" how does computers have affected human life"
  •  Next was a  sort of calender program. Two dates were given and we had to find number of days between these two dates.

2. GD:

  • Topic : " Tata nano: good or bad"

3. Tech Interview: Expect ques from OOPS like encapsulation, data hiding, interitance and multiple inheritance, call by value and call by reference etc. always be confident in whatever u say. Data structure is also important.

4. HR Interview: hr interview was little bit tricky but it was not a big hurdle. i am from bhopal so he asked me about bhopal like how many lakes are there, what is the name of biggest lake, how can you estimate amount of water in that lake, etc. then one ques was that if you have to kill someone in India or just elimate from our country who will be that person and why? then he asked if you wanna be like someone in india who will be that person. and what about in world. then my hobby was listening songs so he asked to tell name of any music director of 90s and songs of them, then he asked me to tell songs of my fvrt female singer. and so on...for hr interview be cool and confident. there is very small probability of getting eliminated from hr round..

Courtesy : Anshul Shrivastava
                                        The entire procedure had following sections . It shoukd be noted that selection procedures vary with colleges and requirements of the company.

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