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Power System Analysis -Free Courseware

Free online courseware for Power System Analysis

Recommended text
  1. Review of power system networks, complex power, and per units
  2. Generator, load, transformer, and line models
  3. Network matrices, the Y-bus matrix; tap changing transformers
  4. Power flow techniques- solving by the Gauss-Seidel method
  5. Solving by the Newton-Raphson method.
  6. The Fast-Decoupled method.
  7. Economic dispatch, neglecting generator limits and line losses
  8. Economic dispatch with generator limits

  1. Economic dispatch with line losses

  2. Review, Q&A
  3. Test #1  Chapters 6 and 7

  4. Synchronous machine transients; Parks transformation
  5. Short-circuit currents in synchronous machines
  6. Machine constants and the effects of loading
  7. Three-phase faults and short-circuit capacity
  8. Bus-impedance matrix and the building algorithm
  9. Fault studies using the bus-impedance matrix
  10. Symmetrical components and the sequence impedances
  11. Sequence networks; ground faults; and line-to-line faults
  12. Ground faults; fault analysis using impedance matrices

  13. Review, Q&A
  14. Test #2  Chapters 8, 9, and 10

  15. Synchronous machine dynamics and the swing equation
  16. Steady state generator stability
  17. Transient stability and the Equal-Area Criterion
  18. Numerical integration of the swing equation
  19. Multi-machine transient stability

  20. Review, QnA

Highly recommended

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