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Feed back Control Systems : A textbook

File : pdf, 10 MB, 408 pages, 
Can be downloaded chapterwise too !
Electrical Control System Text book . Contents are as given
Chapt 1. Introduction
1.1 What Is Feedback?
1.2 What Is Control?
1.3 Feedback Examples
1.4 Feedback Properties
1.5 Simple Forms of Feedback
Chapt 2. System Modeling
2.1 Modeling Concepts
2.2 State Space Models
2.3 Modeling Methodology
2.4 Modeling Examples
Chapt 3. Examples
3.1 Cruise Control
3.2 Bicycle Dynamics
3.3 Operational Amplifier Circuits
3.4 Computing Systems and Networks
3.5 Atomic Force Microscopy
3.6 Drug Administration
3.7 Population Dynamics
Chapt 4. Dynamic Behavior
4.1 Solving Differential Equations
4.2 Qualitative Analysis
4.3 Stability
4.4 Lyapunov Stability Analysis
4.5 Parametric and Nonlocal Behavior
Chapt 5. Linear Systems
5.1 Basic Definitions
5.2 The Matrix Exponential
5.3 Input/Output Response
5.4 Linearization

Chapt 6. State Feedback
6.1 Reachability
6.2 Stabilization by State Feedback
6.3 State Feedback Design
6.4 Integral Action
Chapt 7. Output Feedback
7.1 Observability
7.2 State Estimation
7.3 Control Using Estimated State
7.4 Kalman Filtering
7.5 A General Controller Structure
Chapt 8. Transfer Functions8.1 Frequency Domain Modeling
8.2 Derivation of the Transfer Function
8.3 Block Diagrams and Transfer Functions
8.4 The Bode Plot
8.5 Laplace Transforms
Chapt 9. Frequency Domain Analysis
9.1 The Loop Transfer Function
9.2 The Nyquist Criterion
9.3 Stability Margins
9.4 Bode’s Relations and Minimum Phase Systems
9.5 Generalized Notions of Gain and Phase
Chapt 10. PID Control
10.1 Basic Control Functions
10.2 Simple Controllers for Complex Systems
10.3 PID Tuning
10.4 Integrator Windup
10.5 Implementation

Chapt 11. Frequency Domain Design
11.1 Sensitivity Functions
11.2 Feedforward Design
11.3 Performance Specifications
11.4 Feedback Design via Loop Shaping
11.5 Fundamental Limitations
11.6 Design Example
Chapt 12. Robust Performance
12.1 Modeling Uncertainty
12.2 Stability in the Presence of Uncertainty
12.3 Performance in the Presence of Uncertainty
12.4 Robust Pole Placement
12.5 Design for Robust Performance

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