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Infosys Interview Questions

 1. What u learned from your college life ? I said I learned how to move with the people effectively & also I came to know abt the cost of friendship.
2. They didn?t ask one very imp question ? Tell me abt ur self.
But guys, u prepare for it. U can say some 10 points but not more than that.

3. Why do u want to join infosys - I said, infy is one of the best management company in India, etc?, then I also said them the awards received by infosys. Before u go for the interview, u can see infy website, Infy is getting many awards, If u know that, this will add ur value.
4. One more thing is that U should not praise too much abt the company, and at the same time u have to intimate them, that if u would be appointed for this concern, u would stay here for a long time.
5. Maintain eye to eye contact. And speak confidently. This is very important.

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